Whether you are dealing with flooding events, groundwater withdrawal, or geothermal projects:

transient water flow has mostly been visualized using Schlieren images, color-coded flowlines or vector files up to now. However, this form of visualization quickly becomes confusing and inaccurate, especially in complex flow fields, and it is often not possible to properly represent required detail and important information about the flow.

With STRING, delta h Ingenieurgesellschaft and Fraunhofer ITWM (Kaiserslautern) have now developed an innovative software that is capable of visualizing the trajectory of transient 3D water flow using pathlets. This makes it possible to visualize and interpret even highly complex flow scenarios.

Where is STRING used?

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Flood waves

Investigate the transient impacts of flood waves to the aquifer system

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Geological models

Visualization and navigation througth geological models in real time

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Groundwater flow visualization for waste-water management projects

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Geothermal energy

Visualization of temperature distribution at geothermal projects

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